You gotta check out this cool 3D printed bridge

Plus, this cute tiny fanged frog.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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3D-printed reinforcement-free bridge moves closer to widespread use | New Atlas

“Humans have been building walls, bridges, and other structures without any steel or mortar reinforcement for a long time. A team led by Holcim has put a 3D-printed spin on the idea, and hopes to use it to revolutionize modern sustainable infrastructure.”

Total Wine - Wrap up last-minute gift giving [Partner]

Last-minute gift giving is all wrapped up this year for everyone on your list — find the perfect bottle for a significant other, coworker, family member, and more! Raise a toast to the host with this season’s finest bourbons and spirits, or give the gift of variety with curated wine collections (and save at the same time). Add the finishing touch with a premium velvet gift bag or festive gift box. [Ad]

OpenAI’s six steps to improving your prompts to get better results | AI Business

“When using AI tools like ChatGPT, the right prompt will get you the best results. Now, OpenAI has gifted the world a guide on how to improve your prompts. Quietly published under its website’s documentation section, the prompt engineering guide shares tactics and tips you can use to get better results from large language models like GPT-4.”

Scientists simulated runaway greenhouse effect and it's horrifying | The Byte

“For the first time, a team of researchers has simulated what would happen if trapped greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere trigger a snowball effect, causing a dramatic rise in the planet's temperature. … If the effect were to rise too much, the amount of water vapor from evaporating oceans could be lethal. … The researchers took the concept of a runaway greenhouse effect to its natural — and hellish — conclusion.”

StackSocial - The last-minute gift they never knew they needed [Partner]

If your wrapping skills aren’t the best, a digital holiday gift might be more your speed, and there’s really no better one than Babbel. It’s the perfect last-minute gift for pretty much anyone: from certified polyglots or nerds who just like learning random stuff. Expert-crafted courses in 14 languages and daily mini-lessons mean they can learn a new tongue in a few weeks, communicating and traveling confidently in the new year. Get it now while it’s price-dropped — and while you still have time to shop! [Ad]

12 books every tech entrepreneur should read | Entrepreneur

“In today's world, where knowledge is so accessible, it's crucial to learn from others' mistakes, draw inspiration from philosophers and stay informed about scientific breakthroughs without stepping into labs, libraries or universities. Failing to leverage this opportunity would be a disservice. Literature, in its varied forms (and not just business-oriented), can significantly enhance an entrepreneur's management skills.”

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Last shot: This tiny ‘leaf-nester’ is the smallest known fanged frog

Last shot:

This tiny ‘leaf-nester’ is the smallest known fanged frog: “Frogs are well known for their sticky, whip-like tongues, lumpy warts, and the colorful, poisonous skin covering some species. One group of frogs in Southeast Asia has another distinguishing feature — fangs. Scientists recently discovered a new species of fanged frog that uses these bony jaws jutting out of their lower jawbone to fight with other frogs and hunt shelled prey like giant centipedes and crabs. Limnonectes phyllofolia is also the smallest known species of fanged frog and is described in a study published December 20 in the journal PLOS ONE.”