Iceland has more lava again

Plus, space stuff to watch out for in 2024.
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Civilization Trivia:

Did Johnny Appleseed really plant a bunch of apple trees?

Hint: Myth or man?


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Iceland volcano erupts again — lava reaches evacuated town | Forbes

“The volcano on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula began erupting again on Sunday morning — with lava reaching the evacuated small town of Grindavik, setting houses on fire about one month after an eruption in December forced hundreds of citizens out of their homes.”

HP’s affordable Smart Tank 5101 Printer [Partner]

HP Smart Tanks have the best print quality on everyday paper in the ink tank category, with vibrant colors and crisp dark text. By purchasing the Smart Tank 5101, you'll be also getting 2 years of ink included! With HP's proprietary spill-free system, you can get mess-free refills. Just plug the ink bottles into the ink tank - no squeezing, no spilling, no mess. Upgrade to Smart Tank 5101 and get $60 OFF at HP. [Ad]

Climate alchemy: Team turns carbon dioxide into super-strong fibers | New Atlas

“In an effort to mitigate human-caused climate warming, scientists are focused on ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. … Now, one of the more creative approaches to getting CO2 out of the air has been announced by researchers. It involves using both electrochemical and thermochemical reactions at relatively low heat to convert the harmful gas into beneficial carbon nanofibers.”

China's Gravity-1 rocket dazzles in landmark sea launch | Gizmodo

“Shandong-based Orienspace pulled off its first-ever launch, breaking the record for the largest payload capacity on a commercial rocket for China’s growing space industry. … The Chinese company launched the Gravity-1 rocket on Thursday at 12:30 a.m. ET from a mobile platform in the Yellow Sea. … The three stage rocket can lift around 14,330 pounds (6,500 kilograms or 6.5 metric tons) to low Earth orbit, or 9,260 pounds (4,200 kilograms or 4.2 metric tons) to a sun-synchronous orbit using a kerosene-liquid oxygen third stage, according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency. That’s the largest payload capacity for China’s commercial space industry, carrying more than twice the weight capability of the previous two largest Chinese solid rockets, CAS Space’s Kinetica-1 and China Rocket’s Jielong-3, according to SpaceNews.”

StackSocial - NASA’s (unofficial) favorite language-learning app [Partner]

Ever dreamed of charming locals in Cancún or ordering empanadas like a pro in Buenos Aires? Rosetta Stone’s Latin American Spanish course is here to transform you from a noob to an español expert. The app uses smart tech to adapt to your learning style, because one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to brain wiring. Become fluent by practicing dialogues from native speakers, improve your pronunciation with an advanced speech recognition engine, and study for only 10-15 minutes each day. Hey, if this app was good enough for the likes of NASA, it’s good enough for you, too. [Ad]

Here are the 2024 space moments you won't want to miss | Mashable

“The year 2024 could be the dawn of a new Space Age, full of landing attempts on the moon and successive rocket launches. It may seem doubtful that it could top 2023. … But 2024 promises another banner year in space. Much of North America will get to experience a total solar eclipse in the spring: Another such opportunity for the United States won't come for two decades. And several more robotic moon landings are in the pipeline.”

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The answer: Yes, but not for eating

The answer: Yes, but not for eating

From the Smithsonian website: “If we think of Johnny Appleseed as a barefoot wanderer whose apples were uniform, crimson orbs, it's thanks in large part to the popularity of a segment of the 1948 Disney feature, Melody Time, which depicts Johnny Appleseed in Cinderella fashion, surrounded by blue songbirds and a jolly guardian angel. But this contemporary notion is flawed, tainted by our modern perception of the apple as a sweet, edible fruit. The apples that John Chapman brought to the frontier were completely distinct from the apples available at any modern grocery store or farmers' market, and they weren't primarily used for eating — they were used to make America's beverage-of-choice at the time, hard apple cider.”