Liquid hot magma

Plus, ice cream.
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Noms Trivia:

Which country eats the most ice cream per person per year?

Hint: It's upside-down!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Scientists drilling into magma chamber for potentially unlimited energy | The Byte

“Scientists in Iceland are steaming ahead with an ambitious project to drill straight down into a magma chamber that could provide not only the first direct look at the oceans of molten rock stewing miles beneath the Earth's surface, but a revolution in geothermal energy that could potentially see the technology be used anywhere on the globe with never before achieved efficiency.”

Meet Tello's supercharged phone plans [Partner]

Time to start experiencing phone plans in an entirely new way with Tello Mobile. Think lower phone bills, more savings, and the same reliable 4G LTE/5G network you're used to without the premium price tag. Mix & match mins & data as you please to build your phone plan just the way you like it and never pay more than $25/mo. Tello's Unlimited plan comes with 35GB of high speed data and 5GB of free hotspot for only $25/month. NO contract, NO hidden fees, NO bulk buying. Just MAX flexibility. [Ad]

Year 1 of AI: how voice reshaped conversational ecosystem | PYMNTS

“At the core of Voice AI is speech recognition, which involves converting spoken language into text. Rapid advances in neural networks and deep learning over the past year have significantly improved the accuracy of speech recognition systems, making their foundational algorithms more reliable and capable of interpreting and responding intuitively to spoken language in real-time with human-like acuity. But despite its vast promise as a generalist solution, voice AI, to date, is still a nut waiting to be cracked.”

A trip to Proxima Centauri and other far-out ideas NASA is exploring | Gizmodo

“NASA, in its relentless pursuit of space innovation, announced on Thursday the selection of 13 new projects for its 2024 Phase I awards under the Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. … The NIAC program, known for funding groundbreaking concepts, has previously contributed to notable missions such as the Mars Ingenuity helicopter and instruments used in the MarCO deep space CubeSats. These projects highlight the important role that NIAC plays in pioneering space exploration technologies.”

MSCHF - What would you do with $1 million? [Partner]

Seriously, what would you do with that kind of cash? Buy a house (maybe even a mansion)? Go shopping (or buy a whole new wardrobe)? Go on a trip (or travel the world)? The Two Million Dollar Puzzle could just be your shot at winning big and making all those rich kid dreams come true. It’s a 500-piece puzzle of a QR code that you scan to reveal your prize. You might win the $1,000,000 grand prize, but if not, you’re guaranteed to win any of the other prize amounts ranging from $1 to $500K. Getting rich has never been so fun and easy. Get yours with free shipping now through 1/10. [Ad]

Eye-tracking window tech tells sightseers about what they're looking at | New Atlas

“If you're on a sightseeing tour in a bus, you really don't want to be looking away from the passing attractions to Google them on your smartphone. The AR Interactive Vehicle Display is intended to help, by showing relevant information on the vehicle's window glass. … An eye-tracking camera is located above the window, and a transparent microLED touchscreen panel covers the entire inside surface of the window glass. … By factoring in GPS data to ascertain the vehicle's current speed and geographical location, it's possible to tell which specific attraction the person is presently viewing and display a small photo of the attraction (on the microLED panel), which appears beside the passenger's view of the real thing.”

StackSocial - Sick of monthly subscriptions? This streaming service is a one-and-done deal [Partner]

Besides the whole password-sharing crackdown of ‘23, the biggest downside to major streaming platforms is the cost. Monthly subscriptions aren’t worth it — especially when the content you’re paying for is meh. With Curiosity Stream, you get to stream exciting and educational content for life with no recurring fees. Soar through space and time with Stephen Hawking or dive into nature with David Attenborough. Either way, it’s all a whole lot more interesting than re-watching The Office for the 100th time. Try it today for a low, one-time cost. [Ad]

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The answer: New Zealand

The answer: New Zealand

According to the World Population Review website: “Ice cream consumption by country is measured in liters per person. New Zealand tops the list of ice cream eaters at 28.40 liters per person. That's a little over 60 pints per person. The favored flavor of New Zealanders is vanilla, followed by something referred to as hokey pokey.”