Why the web is the way it is

Plus, check out this elevator to space!
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EV Trivia:

How many different EV car models are now available to buy in the US?

Hint: “Why, it’s greased lightning!”


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

How Google perfected the web | The Verge

“Google’s outsized influence on how we find things has been 25 years in the making, and the people running businesses online have tried countless methods of getting Google to surface their content. Some business owners use generative AI to make Google-optimized blog posts so they can turn around and sell tchotchkes; brick-and-mortar businesses are picking funny names like Thai Food Near Me to try to game Google’s local search algorithm. An entire SEO industry has sprung up, dedicated to trying to understand (or outsmart) Google Search.”

StackSocial - Invest in vacation rentals and (maybe) quit your day job [Partner]

Owning an Airbnb or other types of vacation rentals is a pretty cushy way to earn serious cash. But the idea of drowning in spreadsheets and real estate market reports keeps a lot of potential investors from actually making the leap into this profitable venture. Enter Mashvisor, your knight in shining algorithm. With AI-sourced real estate data and comprehensive coverage across 95% of long- and short-term markets in the U.S., this app makes it easy to find winning rental investments. Once you’ve landed a property, use its advanced algorithms and market insights to optimize your rates. There’s never been an easier way to own and operate a rental… and get rich in the process. [Ad]

All the ways AI could suck in 2024 | Gizmodo

“As 2024 begins, there has been plenty of speculation about what lies ahead for artificial intelligence. AI was the hottest industry in the world last year and it will likely continue to be so throughout 2024 — and maybe the rest of your godforsaken life. That said, many of the concerns about this startling new technology have not been resolved or mitigated. While AI promises bold new capabilities for companies and web users, there are tons of potential harms that it could inflict upon us over the next twelve months.”

Design for a space elevator wins a prize | The Byte

“A spectacular design for a space elevator, with the goal of efficiently transporting passengers into outer space, has been awarded an $11,000 prize. … British architect Jordan William Hughes won the prize for space architecture and innovation from the Jacques Rougerie Foundation in Paris. His concept, dubbed Ascensio, connects an ocean-based ship to a structure in Earth's orbit via a cable-like structure. The ship is designed to keep up with the spaceport by moving around the ocean.”

Toptal - Unleash The Power of the Top 3% [Partner]

Looking for high-caliber talent to elevate your projects? Dive into Toptal’s exclusive network of expertly vetted freelancers in development, design, and more. Every project has unique needs, and Toptal understands that. With Toptal, you don't just hire freelancers; you partner with industry experts. Say goodbye to prolonged hiring processes and hello to instant matches with the top 3% talent pool. [Ad]

Inside-out Samsung phone, see-through TVs: most captivating CES 2024 tech we're seeing | CNET

“CES 2024 is in full swing in Las Vegas, where the CNET team is on the ground scouring the show floor for the best, and weirdest, cutting-edge tech. Here at the world's largest technology show, we're getting our eyes and hands full of everything from futuristic concepts to practical products you can preorder or buy today. As you might expect, AI is everywhere at CES this year, especially in the form of ChatGPT and similar generative AI chatbots. We're also seeing plenty of new car tech, gaming gear and robots — there's even a robot for your dog.”

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The answer: There are currently over 40 available models

The answer: There are currently over 40 available models

According to CNET: “There are over 40 electric cars, trucks and SUVs on sale in the US today — more than ever before.”