The world gets hot

Plus, the history of water.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Civilization Trivia:

When were the original aquaducts created?

Hint: One of the 8th wonders of the world!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Earth just had its warmest year on record |

“Earth just had its warmest year on record in 2023, according to just-released government data, and 2024 could even top that warmth. It wasn't close: In a report released Tuesday from the European Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), 2023's globally averaged temperature was about 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the average over the most recent 30-year period through 2020. That might not sound like much, but it was the warmest year by a large margin over the previous record from 2016.”

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Amazon rides digital wave into healthcare industry | PYMNTS

“Success in one area doesn’t necessarily translate into success within another. Still, that hasn’t stopped eCommerce and tech giant Amazon from attempting to bolt on healthcare services as a fourth pillar to complement the Amazon Prime membership services platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, and core online shopping business that make up nearly 90% of its sales.”

What you can learn about job-hunting from dating apps. Really. | The New York Times

“The dating and job markets aren’t that different. ‘Recruiters just glance at your profile,’ said Kyle Lagunas, head of strategy and principal analyst at Aptitude Research, a research-based advisory firm. ‘You’re going to have 15 seconds before they swipe.’ … So, using lingo from the dating world, here’s an advice manual for navigating the ‘dates’ we go on when we are hunting for a job, with actionable takeaways. Remember, every time we accept a ‘date’ with anyone in our desired industry, we are being evaluated — even if we believe it’s just a coffee with a childhood friend’s older sibling, or a 10-minute call with a longtime mentor.”

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More delays for NASA's astronaut moonshots, with crew landing off until 2026 | AP News

“Astronauts will have to wait until next year before flying to the moon and at least two years before landing on it, under the latest round of delays announced by NASA on Tuesday. The space agency had planned to send four astronauts around the moon late this year, but pushed the flight to September 2025. The first human moon landing in more than 50 years also got bumped, from 2025 to September 2026. NASA cited safety concerns with its own spacecraft, as well as development issues with the moonsuits and landers coming from private industry.”

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The answer: The first aqueduct was erected in 312 BC

The answer: The first aqueduct was erected in 312 BC

According to the National Library of Medicine webpage: “The first aqueduct was the Aqua Appia, erected in 312 BC by the censor Appius Claudius Caecus (c. 340 to 273 BC). During the Republican period, three more aqueducts were built: the Anio Vetus (272 to 269 BC), Aqua Marcia (144 to 140 BC), and Aqua Tepula (126 to 125 BC) (Bruun 2013, 298).”

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