Clean, green shipping comes to Europe

Plus, anyone remember the Compact Disc?
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Nerd Trivia:

What was the first album released on Compact Disc?

Hint: Surprisingly, not from The Beatles.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

H2-powered cargo barge could be a breath of fresh air to Rhine shipping | New Atlas

“Transporting goods by inland waterways can be a dirty business, but an EU-backed project is looking to clean up its act – launching a container vessel powered by green hydrogen on a major cargo route between the Netherlands and Germany. ‘Inland waterways are important for freight transport in Europe, we are thrilled to see a high-power container vessel being converted to zero-emission,’ said Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director ad interim of Clean Hydrogen Partnership. ‘The H2 Barge 2 will bring knowledge on how to retrofit vessels from diesel combustion to zero-emission alternatives, by using batteries in combination with green hydrogen in a fuel cell.’”

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SpaceX to deorbit 100 Starlink satellites due to potential flaw | PC Mag

“As a precaution, SpaceX plans on deorbiting 100 first-generation Starlink satellites, citing a potential flaw that could one day cause the satellites to completely fail. As a result, the satellites will descend toward Earth before disintegrating in the planet’s atmosphere. ‘Starlink satellites are also fully demisable by design, meaning that the risk to those on the ground, in the air, or at sea from a deorbiting satellite is effectively zero as the satellites burn up during reentry,’ SpaceX said on Monday.”

TikTok’s most viral food is now available for delivery | The Takeout

“If you’ve ever thought that a viral recipe floating around TikTok looked good, but didn’t feel like heading to the grocery store in order to make it yourself, we’ve got some news: Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), the same company that owns the MrBeast Burger brand, has opened up a new ghost kitchen concept called Creators’ Kitchen As Seen on TikTok (a name that just rolls right off the tongue). It sells a rotating set of dishes that have become TikTok famous, delivered to your door.”

StackSocial / Ninja Dragon Drone [Partner]

The Valentine’s Day market is oversaturated with chocolates, flowers, and tacky valentine cards. You know what there’s not enough of? Cool gadgets. Seriously — real techies know that affordable but high-quality gear is hard to come by, so a drone deal like this is pretty irresistible. The bundle includes a Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro that’s got a 4K HD camera, smart gesture controls, and even VR 3D compatibility. You’ll also get a free Blade X Pro for dual-camera filming. And with free shipping, it’s pretty much the perfect way to treat your inner gadget geek this V-Day. [Ad]

Winning photos: RMG announces Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023 | Interesting Engineering

“Recently, three photographers–Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner, and Yann Sainty were awarded the title of Astronomy Photographer of the Year in 2023 for their photograph titled Andromeda, Unexpected. The image was taken in deep space, specifically capturing the Andromeda galaxy, the closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way. The name ‘Unexpected’ emanated from a previously unnoticed feature in the image — a hazy blue cloud visible in the bottom left corner, according to Royal Museums Greenwich.”

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The answer: Billy Joel’s 52nd Street

The answer: Billy Joel’s 52nd Street

According to Compact Disc Digital Audio Wikipedia page:
  • “The first commercial compact disc was produced on August 17, 1982, a 1979 recording of Chopin waltzes performed by Claudio Arrau.
  • The first 50 titles were released in Japan on October 1, 1982, the first of which was a re-release of the Billy Joel album 52nd Street.
  • The first CD played on BBC Radio was in October, 1982, on BBC Radio Scotland (Jimmy Mack programme, Followed by Ken Bruce and Eddie Mair all BBC Scotland), with the first CD played on UK independent radio station shortly after (Radio Forth, Jay Crawford Show). The CD was the Dire Straits album Love Over Gold. ”