Racing to figure out why storms are getting stronger

Plus, Super Bowl memes galore.
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We found the best memes from Sunday’s Super Bowl!


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NASA launches mission to study earth's 'invisible universe' | The Byte

“After a nine year wait, NASA's finally launched its PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, and ocean Ecosystem) mission, which will take a never-before-seen look at the tiny life forms and particles teeming in our planet's atmosphere. What it uncovers could revolutionize our understanding of global warming, our planet's oceans, and those oceans' threatened ecosystems.”

Total Wine - Did someone say tequila?! [Partner]

There’s a reason why people write so many songs about tequila: It’s flavorful, versatile, sometimes spicy, and always a good time. And, with Total Wine, it’s under $50. They’ve broken down their best blancos, golds, reposados, and añejos so you can find the right bottle for your vibe and, more importantly, your budget. Go ahead and explore those customer favorites for sipping and mixing… and while you’re at it, check out their best picks for orange liqueur, lime, and salt… and maybe get a cocktail shaker, too. Actually, just get everything you need for a margarita. We won’t tell. Besides, you deserve it. Consider it a little early V-Day treat for yourself. See site for details. [Ad]

Atmospheric river storms are getting stronger, and deadlier. The race to understand them is on | The Guardian

“The storm raged over California for more than five days. As the powerful atmospheric river made landfall, furious winds and torrential downpours ripped trees from their roots, turned streets into rivers and sent mud cascading into homes. Along with chaos, the storm brought opportunity. Scientists were ready, on land and in-flight, to deploy instruments that measure atmospheric rivers like this one. They released tools from planes, equipped with small parachutes, or floated them up from the ground attached to balloons, directly into the storm’s path. These small but mighty devices provide key intelligence that will help improve weather forecasts as the climate crisis makes already powerful storms more dangerous.”

Scientists identify “universal network” of microbes for decomposing flesh | Ars Technica

“Establishing a precise time of death (the postmortem interval, or PMI) upon discovery of a corpse is notoriously challenging, however easy fictional medical examiners might make it seem. ‘One of the principal questions of any death investigation is “when did this person die?”’ said Nancy La Vigne, director of the National Institute of Justice, which funded the research. ‘This continuing line of NIJ-funded research is showing promising results for predicting time of death of human remains, aiding in identification of the decedent, determining potential suspects, and confirmation or refutation of alibis.’”

Save 50% on a year of Codecademy Pro [Partner]

No matter where you are in your journey, Codecademy Pro can help you switch or start your career. Now through February 15, get 50% off an annual Pro membership and unlock access to guided career paths, technical interview prep, AI-powered personalized practice, and more. Prove your proficiency with real-world portfolio projects and professional certifications you can share with prospective employers to help you land a job in tech. [Ad]

2,000 new characters from burnt-up ancient Greek scroll deciphered with AI | Popular Science

“Damaged ancient papyrus scrolls dating back to the 1st century CE are finally being deciphered by the Vesuvius Challenge contest winners using computer vision and AI machine learning programs. The scrolls were carbonized during the eruption of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE and have been all-but-inaccessible using normal restoration methods, as they have been reduced to a fragile, charred log. Three winners–Luke Farritor (US), Youssef Nader (Egypt), and Julian Schilliger (Switzerland)–will split the $700,000 grand prize after deciphering roughly 2,000 characters making up 15 columns of never-before-seen Greek texts.”

StackSocial - It’s that taxing time of year again… do you know what you’re doing? [Partner]

Taxes are notoriously complicated, with various forms, credits, and deductions to consider. Now, before you let those words freak you out and send you running to overpay your accountant, hear us out. Filing your own taxes is actually fairly simple — especially with H&R Block’s Deluxe Tax Software. You’ll get step-by-step guidance on 350+ credits and deductions, thousands of reference articles, and five free federal e-files. Why pay someone else hundreds when you can learn for yourself how to maximize your refund for only $30? [Ad]

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Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl

Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl

Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl
Last shot: Best memes from the 2024 Super Bowl