Someone discovered the first microcomputer while cleaning

Plus, video games.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Gamer Trivia:

What was the first video game released commercially?

Hint: Not Pong!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Priceless barn find: World's first microcomputers discovered by cleaners | New Atlas

“Two of the first-ever desktop computers have been found in storage boxes at Kingston University in London. A milestone in human achievement, the Q1 microprocessor computer was released more than half a century ago, and only one other is known to exist. … With the development of the silicon chip, the already fast-developing field of computers exploded as the technology jumped from major universities and corporations like IBM into the hands of small firms, hobbyists, and a new generation of young engineers.”

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CEO says later this year, your AI will be able to attend meetings for you | The Byte

“Otter CEO Sam Liang — whose AI startup offers transcription and automated note-taking services — told Business Insider, he believes a ‘working prototype’ of an AI-powered work avatar able to attend meetings in place of its human counterpart will be ready by ‘later this year.’ According to Liang, these workplace AI doppelgängers would ideally be capable of not only attending a meeting and taking notes, but also participating, answering questions, and even asking their own.”

Apple secures hydration tracking patent | Fitt Insider

“The tech giant was awarded a broad patent for a ‘wearable device with perspiration measuring capabilities’ — greenlighting noninvasive hydration tracking for Apple Watch. … But, Apple’s hydration feature is a threat to standalone sensors — and not for the first time.”

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The answer: Computer Space

The answer: Computer Space

According to the MIT Press Reader website: “Before Pong there was Computer Space, the first commercial video game. The progenitor of today’s US$175 billion industry debuted on Oct. 15, 1971, at the Music Operators of America trade show in Chicago. Housed in a futuristic-looking cabinet, Computer Space took its place alongside the latest jukeboxes, pinball machines and other coin-operated games manufacturers were pitching to arcade and bar owners. … But when Computer Space was unveiled, it didn’t generate a flood of orders, and no flood ever arrived. It wasn’t until Computer Space’s makers left the company, founded Atari and released Pong the next year that the commercial potential of video games became apparent. The company sold 8,000 Pong units by 1974.”