When your Utopia fails, do what this Sicilian town did

Plus, math was mathing years before we thought it was.
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Nuclear SMR welding breakthrough: A year's work now takes a day | New Atlas

“Small Modular Reactor (SMR) construction shifts into high gear, as UK company Sheffield Forgemasters welds a full-size nuclear reactor vessel in under 24 hours instead of the usual 12 months. The rollout of this game-changing tech could be massive. Modular reactors have the potential to revolutionize the nuclear power industry by turning nuclear generating plants from major civil engineering projects to factory-produced commodities.”

Hims - Nervous to talk about ED? We’re not [Partner]

Some things in life are just awkward. Like the doctor’s office waiting room or talking to a pharmacist about… you know… that thing you’re getting a prescription for. Hims simplifies your health care, offering a range of personalized treatments for ED that’s 100% online and private. Get a virtual consultation with a licensed provider in any state and discrete and free shipping if prescribed. Starting at just $2/day, Hims’ treatment options are your low-key solution to high-key problems. [Ad]

What can you do with a 'failed' postmodern Utopia? | Atlas Obscura

“The landscape around Route A29, which connects Palermo and Mazara del Vallo is a travel-brochure version of rural Sicily: rolling hills dotted with barley fields, olive groves, and vineyards, and the occasional cluster of ancient ruins. Exit at Salemi, however, and follow the signs for Gibellina Nuova, and a surprise awaits. Like a postmodern version of Roman era city gates, there stands a 70-foot-tall steel sculpture of a five-pointed star by Sicilian sculptor Pietro Consagra. Porta del Belice (Door of Belice) or the Star of Belice marks the entrance to Gibellina Nuova, a town that hosts one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world and a reputation as a failed art utopia or a surreal, postmodern ghost town.”

History of math shaken up as fundamental point 150 years older than thought | Newsweek

“The origins of the decimal point, something millions of people use daily, may be much older than we first thought. It was initially considered to have originated in 1593, having been used by German mathematician Christopher Clavius in his creation of astronomical tables. Now, however, the decimal point has been discovered to have been used 150 years prior, by a Venetian merchant, according to a new paper in the journal Historia Mathematica.”

Visio - Overwhelmed? Disorganized? There’s a diagram for that [Partner]

When was the last time you did a mind map? You know, the last time you really got all those big ideas out of your head and onto the page (or screen). You might not think you need a diagramming software, but that’s only because you have no idea just how much it can do. Microsoft Visio has been trusted since way back when in the 90s and has been the premier software for diagramming and visualizing ideas. It comes with a wide range of templates and over 250,000 shapes, giving you the tools you need to finally put all those discombobulated thoughts into succinct graphs, floor plans, and charts. Now — are you ready to get organized? [Ad]

‘Odie’ snaps its first images of Earth on its way to the moon | Popular Science

“After a successful launch, Intuitive Machine’s robotic Odysseus spacecraft (aka Odie) beamed home its first images from space. In a post on X, Intuitive Machines wrote that the spacecraft ‘successfully transmitted its first IM-1 mission images to Earth on February 16, 2024.’ The images were captured one day after the spacecraft blasted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. … ‘Out of all the images collected, Intuitive Machines chose to show humanity’s place in the universe with four wonderful images we hope to inspire the next generation of risk-takers,’ the company wrote in a statement.”

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JP’s Startup Corner: Do you need a cofounder to start a company?

Y Combinator, arguably the most successful investment firm in the world, says you do. I would say, it depends on what kind of business you want to start. Ultimately, it should increase your odds of success, but you need to be at least 2x better to achieve the same financial outcome. The main reason to have a cofounder is to address your weaknesses and if it’s possible do that another way (hire great people) then see how far you can get it and you can always bring on a cofounder from a position of strength later. The decision is so important and the more work you’ve done going into it - the more likely you’ll make the right choice either way.