Great, now Google’s got scams and spam

Plus, how to get more ZZZ.
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The Baltimore bridge disaster is what happens when 95,000 tons of modern cargo ship meets America's aging infrastructure, experts say | Business Insider

“The destruction of Baltimore's largest bridge early Tuesday morning has raised major questions about how such a disaster could have happened. … ‘This disaster reveals how exposed America's critical infrastructure is to sudden and devastating accidents as well as intentional destruction,’ said Rick Geddes, an infrastructure policy expert and director of the Cornell University Infrastructure Policy Program, in a statement seen by BI. ‘Improved resilience should be on everyone's mind as aging infrastructure is rebuilt,’ he added. ‘Enhanced protection against ship-bridge collisions will certainly become more salient.’”

Luminar Neo - Newsflash: No one uses Instagram photo filters anymore [Partner]

Remember the days of ye olde Instagram when filters like Valencia and X Pro II cast blurry and oversaturated hazes over every post? Unfortunately, there are people still doing that. Don’t be that person. Be the photography pro who uses Luminar Neo, a photo-editing software that uses AI-based tools to perfect your pics. It’s used by pros, but it’s also user-friendly for newbs. Right now with code GET20, you can get lifetime access for only $160, and that’s including a tutorial and six preset packages that’ll enhance your snaps and fool your followers into thinking you’re actually a pro. [Ad]

Google's new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams | Bleeping Computer

“Earlier this month, Google began rolling out a new feature called Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) in its search results, which provides AI-generated quick summaries for search queries, including recommendations for other sites to visit related to the query. However, as SEO consultant Lily Ray first spotted, Google's SGE is recommending spammy and malicious sites within its conversational responses, making it easier for users to fall for scams. … It is unclear how these low-quality sites are making it into Google's AI-powered search algorithms. However, as AI becomes a more significant part of how we search online, it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot automatically trust the information these algorithms produce and must verify sites before visiting them.”

How to fix your sleep schedule without pulling an all-nighter | Popular Science

“Sleep is one of the most essential activities for human health, but it’s also one of the most neglected. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14.5 percent of adults occasionally have trouble falling asleep. … So how do you get your sleep cycle back on track? … There’s no way to shift the timing of your circadian rhythm in one night. It actually takes roughly 28 days for your circadian rhythm to reset fully, says Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist known as ‘The Sleep Doctor.’ The good news is that while it might take some time, there are other effective methods for getting your sleep schedule back on track. Sleep doctors told Popular Science several strategies to get back into your normal sleep schedule.”

FHD - An introvert’s dream come true: movie projectors that bring home the theater experience [Partner]

TVs are cool, but projectors are cooler. It’s just a fact. They don’t require you to hang up an eyesore black flatscreen on your pretty wall, and they bring the movie theater experience to your home. Think about watching your favorite films on the big screen but not dealing with those other chatty and loud-chewing moviegoers. Basically, they’re a big win for introverts who love a film but hate leaving the house. With this movie projector, you can do just that: Enjoy your fave films and shows in 1080P FHD resolution with zero distortion and automatic tilt correction. Set it up in minutes while you’re waiting for that microwave popcorn, grab a blanket, and tell your friends you’ll join them for the next movie night out… maybe. [Ad]

How the finale of the Dungeons & Dragons '80s cartoon became a pop-culture mystery | Gizmodo

“Nostalgia tends to make it increasingly difficult to separate reality from rumor, and a false collective memory began about what happened 'to' and 'in' that final episode. In an interview with io9, developer and writer Mark Evanier said he wishes to dispel the urban legend once and for all: ‘There was NO “final episode” of Dungeons & Dragons.’ Confused yet? You soon will be.”

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