We have two years left to save the planet

Plus, how you can take action this Earth Day.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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UN climate chief presses for faster action, says humans have 2 years left ‘to save the world’ | AP News

“Humanity has only two years left ‘to save the world’ by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions and it has even less time to act to get the finances behind such a massive shift, the head of the United Nations climate agency said. … ‘Who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet,’ UN executive climate secretary Simon Stiell said last week. ‘More and more people want climate action right across societies and political spectrums, in large part because they are feeling the impacts of the climate crisis in their everyday lives and their household budgets.’”

Jurny - What will hotel management look like in the future of AI? [Partner]

With Jurny, it’ll be a lot more seamless, that’s for sure. Imagine a future where the concierge isn’t asking you to hunt down a confirmation code at check-in. Where cleaning and room services are actually, you know, convenient and not all up in your biz. Where customer service doesn’t mean waiting to speak to an agent for 40 minutes (things we won’t miss: tacky hold music). That’s the kind of future AI is bringing to the labor-intensive hospitality industry. By automating operations for hotels and short-term rentals, Jurny is setting out to create better accommodation experiences for the weary traveler. Invest today at just $1.61 per share and become part of the future of happier, stress-free getaways. [Ad]

“It’s not game over – it’s game on”: why 2024 is an inflection point for the climate crisis | The Conversation

“In 2024, global climate trends are cause for both deep alarm and cautious optimism. Last year was the hottest on record by a huge margin and this year will likely be hotter still. The annual global average temperature may, for the first time, exceed 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – a threshold crucial for stabilizing the Earth’s climate. Without immediate action, we are at grave risk of crossing irreversible tipping points in the Earth’s climate system. Yet there are reasons for hope.”

Earth is our home. Here’s how it’s changing. | National Geographic

“For 136 years, National Geographic has been charting the state of our planet, illuminating for readers the wonder of our world, and helping them to understand it better. We have never been shy about documenting the challenges that communities around the globe face, like pollution, overdevelopment, and, of course, climate change. Particularly in the last five years, we have been drawing attention not only to the problems — which are both apparent and accelerating in their urgency — but also to the solutions that could help us address the problems that we all face as living creatures on planet Earth. What follows is a curated list of 20 stories from this period that explore the state of our home, all of enduring relevance today.”

HomeDepot - ‘Tis the season for DIYs… are you ready? [Partner]

You’ll start seeing it on social media. Then your friends will talk about it over dinner. Next thing you know, everyone’s got a DIY project they're working on… except you. DIY-ing — that is, decorating it yourself — has always been a struggle for those who enjoy playing interior designer but also appreciate, you know, having money in their savings accounts. With The Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday event, you can spruce up the place without losing your mind and/or blowing your whole budget. Shop now through 5/1 to save 35% on select furniture, kitchen essentials, and décor. [Ad]

Winners of the 2024 World Nature Photography Awards | The Atlantic

“The winning images and photographers of this year’s World Nature Photography Awards were announced at the end of March. Contest organizers have once more shared some of the winning images, shown here, from their 14 categories.”

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Last shot: What you can do to make a difference this Earth Day

Last shot: What you can do to make a difference this Earth Day

“It is more urgent than ever before that we, as global citizens, take action in educating ourselves on the human and industrial actions that are changing our climate.”

“Here are 10 ways to discover, enjoy, and respect our beautiful planet, plus a fun Earth Day quiz!”

“This list is by no means comprehensive, but consider it a snapshot of all the many ways you can connect more deeply with the issue [of climate change].”


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