ISPs have been lying to us, but they won’t anymore

Plus, Californian plants and fungi… to the rescue!
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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“Solar-powered vacuum cleaners”: The native plants that could clean toxic soil | The Guardian

“Beneath the concrete of the 60-acre site overlooking the Los Angeles River, the soils were soaked with an assortment of hazardous heavy metals and petrochemicals like lead, cadmium, diesel and benzene. … Volunteers were part of a study led by Danielle Stevenson, a researcher with the environmental toxicology department at the University of California, Riverside, investigating how native California plants and fungi could be used to clean up contaminated brownfields … As the culmination of her PhD research last year, Stevenson and her mostly volunteer team had planted California native shrubs and bushes along with symbiotic fungi in plots at three contaminated sites. As the plants established themselves over the course of a year, the team studied how effectively they could suck up contaminants into their roots, shoots, and leaves – acting, in Stevenson’s words, ‘like solar-powered vacuum cleaners’.”

Amazon Music - Your current music streaming service isn’t cutting it anymore [Partner]

You probably signed up for *insert streaming service name here* because it was free or cheap. And that’s great… except, well, it’s not, is it? You’re getting ads in the middle of that playlist you worked so hard on, and the quality just isn’t quite there. If you want to sample playback on a legit streaming service, you’re in luck because Amazon Music Unlimited is now free for three months. Beyond the obvious perk of ad-free listening, you’ll also get to hear your faves in fully immersive, three-dimensional audio. Whether you’re jamming out to T-Swizzle’s new album or still rockin’ with the oldies, everything sounds better in 3D. Try it out today and cancel anytime. [Ad]

Your internet service provider now has to provide you with a “nutrition label” | Mashable

“The FCC is hoping its own ‘nutrition label’ requirements for internet service providers will provide transparency when it comes to how much customers pay for a broadband plan. As of last week, major ISPs will be required to clearly label any and all fees that customers have to pay for their broadband plans. The FCC has provided a template, much like a ‘nutrition label,’ that forces companies to be upfront about their broadband plans' total price.”

Google who? Gen Z is searching on TikTok, YouTube instead | Axios

“Young internet users' behavior marks a clear departure from that of millennials, who came of age in a golden era of online search and take pride in their ‘Google-fu,’ the art of searching like a pro. … Social media platforms have ‘shifted so much from being a place to connect with friends and family to an information superhighway,’ MaryLeigh Bliss, chief content officer for YPulse, tells Axios. While Google is still top overall for initial searches, followed by TikTok and YouTube, some users prefer to search on social media first to get more authentic answers, especially as Google and others increasingly promote sponsored results. … Gen Zers are also true digital natives, having grown up in the social media era with no memory of Google's early days.”

Rad AI - Content marketing will never be the same | [Partner]

Do you hear that? Listen closely. It’s the sound of the content and data industry being turned upside down. Pretty epic, right? It’s all thanks to RAD AI, a new game-changing tech that’s “removing all doubt” (RAD) from content marketing. If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s an AI, but it’s one more advanced than any you’ve probably worked with before, bringing brands extensive analyses of historical content patterns across marketing channels. That’s a fancy way of saying that it helps brands identify target audiences and market to them effectively, which makes everyone — both brand and consumer alike — happier. Want to join? Shares start at just $0.38 a pop. [Ad]

Costco’s $2,000 gold bars are the new $1.50 hot dog | Fast Company

“Wells Fargo recently estimated that Costco may be selling $100 million to $200 million in gold bars a month. That’s an eye-catching number, given that Costco reported $100 million in gold-bar sales for the entire quarter ending last November. ‘Aggressive pricing and a high level of customer trust’ have boosted sales since then, Wells Fargo said in a note to investors, cited by CNBC. ‘The accelerating frequency of Reddit posts [and] quick on-line sell-outs … suggest a sharp uptick in momentum since the launch.’” Want to give it a try? Become a Gold Star Member and get a $40 Digital Costco Shop Card* when you join today.

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