Would you live in a hexagon?

Plus, how to protect your home by way of paintball.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Ocean heat is driving a global coral bleaching event, and it could be the worst on record | CNN

“Coral reefs around the world are experiencing a mass bleaching event as the climate crisis drives record-breaking ocean heat, two scientific bodies announced Monday — with some experts warning this could become the worst bleaching period in recorded history. More than 54% of the world’s coral reef areas have experienced bleaching in the past year … a joint statement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and The International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) said. ‘It is likely that this event will surpass the previous peak of 56.1% soon,’ Derek Manzello, the coordinator for NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch program, said in an email to CNN. ‘The percentage of reef areas experiencing bleaching-level heat stress has been increasing by roughly 1% per week.’”

Jurny - This AI company is disrupting the labor-intensive $4.1 trillion hospitality industry [Partner]

You read that right. Labor has long been a hurdle when it comes to seamless hotel and short-term rental management. The problem is that people are… well… imperfect, whereas AI is as close to flawless as we currently know. That’s why big-shot VCs and 1,000+ individual backers are trusting Jurny’s AI. They know it’s the best way to cut back on labor costs — since the industry spends $355 billion annually on that alone. With over $12 million raised so far and $35 million+ in bookings just last year, it’s safe to say this is a pretty sound investment. Join the team that’s shaking up the world of hospitality for good with your minimum investment of $499.10. [Ad]

Honeycomb House showcases the future of urban living in Germany | New Atlas

“In the city of Munich, Germany, a groundbreaking architectural endeavor is transforming communal living. Crafted by German architectural firm Peter Haimerl Architektur, the Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus – affectionately known as the Honeycomb House – emerges as a symbol of efficiency and community harmony. … But beyond its architectural ingenuity and communal spirit, the Honeycomb House embodies compelling economic and sustainability advantages. By eliminating redundant walls and embracing sloping planes, the project achieves superior economic efficiency without sacrificing quality of life. The prefabricated nature of the honeycomb modules further enhances economic viability, streamlining construction processes and reducing material wastage.”

Scientists 'couldn't believe' first of its kind evolutionary accident | Newsweek

“In a first, scientists have stumbled across a natural protein that follows a mathematical pattern of self-similarity called a fractal. The peculiar protein changes our understanding of self-assembly in nature and demonstrates the impressive potential of molecular evolution. Fractals are a visual expression of a repeating pattern or formula that starts out simple and gets progressively more complex. These patterns can be found in nature, such as in the leaves of a fern or the spirals of a seashell. But fractals have never been seen at a molecular level. Until now.”

HomeDepot - ‘Tis the season for DIYs… are you ready? [Partner]

You’ll start seeing it on social media. Then your friends will talk about it over dinner. Next thing you know, everyone’s got a DIY project they're working on… except you. DIY-ing — that is, decorating it yourself — has always been a struggle for those who enjoy playing interior designer but also appreciate, you know, having money in their savings accounts. With The Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday event, you can spruce up the place without losing your mind and/or blowing your whole budget. Shop now through 5/1 to save 35% on select furniture, kitchen essentials, and décor. [Ad]

Startup pitches a paintball-armed, AI-powered home security camera | Popular Science

“It’s a bold pitch for homeowners: What if you let a small tech startup’s crowdfunded AI surveillance system dispense vigilante justice for you? A Slovenia-based company called OZ-IT recently announced PaintCam Eve, a line of autonomous property monitoring devices that will utilize motion detection and facial recognition to guard against supposed intruders. … Eve will protect owners from burglars, unwanted animal guests, and any hapless passersby who fail to heed its ‘zero compliance, zero tolerance’ warning. The consequences for shrugging off Eve’s threats: Getting blasted with paintballs, or perhaps even teargas pellets.”

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