Your Nintendo Switch’s deepest darkest secrets revealed

Plus, there's a new airline made for dogs.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Everything you (probably) didn’t know you could do with your Nintendo Switch | Gizmodo

“Even after using and enjoying your Switch for years and years, you may not know all of what the little console is capable of. Like Sony did with the PlayStation 5, Nintendo has hidden some of its best and more interesting features in the system’s settings, some of which can make your experience much easier or more enjoyable.” One of our favorite hacks for a better gaming vibe? These Switch controllers with integrated rainbow lights.

Rad AI - AI isn't just the future; it's the now [Partner]

But you already knew that, obviously. What you might not know is just how groundbreaking some of these new AI technologies can be. RAD AI is leading the charge in the content and data industry with a revolutionary AI that helps brands connect with the right audiences. Experiencing a ~3X revenue growth from 2022 to 2023 and boasting a leadership team with 5 exits, RAD AI isn't just promising; it's actually delivering (more than some other bots we won’t mention… IYKYK). Don't miss your chance to invest in what Fortune 1000 execs are calling “game-changing tech” — this investment round ends soon. [Ad]

A new solution proposed for drought-stricken Panama Canal goes around it | Popular Science

“As droughts continue to deplete the Panama Canal’s water levels, the maritime trading hub’s operators are planning a workaround. Last week, Panama officials announced a new Multimodal Dry Canal project that will begin transporting international cargo across a ‘special customs jurisdiction’ near the 110-year-old waterway. … During a presentation of project plans this week, Panamanian representatives said no additional investment or construction is needed. Instead, the dry thoroughfare will function as a complement to the canal by employing ‘existing roads, railways, port facilities, airports and duty-free zones,’ according to the AFP.”

Denver-Boulder area stakes a claim in space with a burgeoning aerospace industry | CNBC

“In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, with an elevation one mile closer to space than sea level, lies an area that’s home to a burgeoning cluster of aerospace businesses. … The local industry’s liftoff has been undeniable: Aerospace grew 88% over the past two decades, more than any other emerging industry in the Denver and Boulder metro areas during that time period, according to a CNBC analysis. Now, 191 aerospace businesses are supporting 29,000 jobs in the region, the Colorado Space Coalition reports.”

JumpStory - Everyone hates tacky stock photos; here’s the workaround | [Partner]

Nothing ruins a creative experience more than a clichéd stock photo. From ads to tutorials to blogs to website imagery: stock photos aren’t just cringey, they’re inauthentic. And that’s a pretty bad look to have on the internet these days. JumpStory’s content-driven visuals provide the impact and realness most other photo subscriptions don’t. With JumpStory, you get a library of millions of photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, and icons that speak to your audience, plus an editor and AI tools to tweak images to your needs. Get lifetime access today and send all your old creative assets to that big stock image library in the sky. [Ad]

BARK Air, a new dog-centric airline, is taking off this May | Forbes

“Traveling with a dog can be challenging, and one dog brand is helping to change that. BARK, known for their subscription BarkBoxes and dog products, announced on Thursday, April 11 that they’re launching a new travel service, BARK Air. In partnership with a charter jet company, BARK Air is designed to prioritize four-legged travelers, followed by their humans, so they can travel together comfortably and conveniently.”

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