Adults might start teething soon

Plus, where'd all the stars go?
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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World-first tooth-regrowing drug will be given to humans in September | New Atlas

“The world's first human trial of a drug that can regenerate teeth will begin in a few months, less than a year on from news of its success in animals. This paves the way for the medicine to be commercially available as early as 2030. … ‘We want to do something to help those who are suffering from tooth loss or absence,’ said lead researcher Katsu Takahashi, head of dentistry and oral surgery at Kitano Hospital. ‘While there has been no treatment to date providing a permanent cure, we feel that people's expectations for tooth growth are high.’”

Vuori - Remember when you said you’d get fit for the summer? | [Partner]

We do. But we’re not here to judge. We’re just holding you accountable — and keeping you comfortable and fashionable in the process. When it comes to achieving both, Vuori’s Sunday Performance apparel is the perfect choice. Their joggers, shorts, hoodies, and jackets are made from soft performance fabric blends that are lightweight and breathable for working out but also cozy enough for when you’re, you know, not. Whether it’s for lunging or lounging, this gear is set to join the ranks of your summer faves. [Ad]

Are stars vanishing into their own black holes? A bizarre binary system says 'yes' |

“Scientists have discovered strong evidence that some massive stars end their existence with a whimper, not a bang, and sink into a black hole of their own making without the light and fury of a supernova. … Researchers have occasionally noticed occurrences of failed supernovas — stars that begin to brighten as though they are about to explode but which then falter and die away. … Could these failed supernovas and vanishing stars be evidence for stars being almost entirely pulled into the black hole they form before they get a chance to explode? Well, maybe, some scientists believe.’”

How researchers cracked an 11-year-old password to a $3 million crypto wallet | Wired

“Joe Grand is a famed hardware hacker who in 2022 helped another crypto wallet owner recover access to $2 million in cryptocurrency he thought he’d lost forever after forgetting the PIN to his Trezor wallet. Since then, dozens of people have contacted Grand to help them recover their treasure. Grand, known by the hacker handle ‘Kingpin’ ... now consults with companies that build complex digital systems to help them understand how hardware hackers like him might subvert their systems. He cracked the Trezor wallet in 2022 using complex hardware techniques that forced the USB-style wallet to reveal its password.”

Dice Cream - Taste tomorrow today: The future of ice cream has arrived | [Partner]

Welcome to the forefront of dessert innovation, where robotics, AI, and ice cream merge into a flavorful, futuristic experience. The Dice Cream autonomous ice cream parlor isn’t just a machine; it’s the beginning of a dessert revolution. Engineered for efficiency in high-traffic venues, this technology promises not only to enhance profitability but also to captivate imaginations. They’re even workshopping a new AI feature that plans to provide curated recommendations for customers based on preferences, making the dessert experience all the more delectable. Want to make it a reality? Get shares today starting at $250 and enjoy bonus shares for any investment of $1,500 or more. [Ad]

Stop the fireworks! Here’s how to turn off webcam video reactions on Mac | Cult of Mac

“How do you turn off the webcam video reactions on your Mac in macOS Sonoma? This feature, which puts full-screen animated effects on your video calls, made a good demo when it was introduced. But after it launched, it confused many people who trigger it accidentally in serious situations. It works in FaceTime video calls and various other video conferencing software. However, the ‘Off’ button isn’t where you might expect. It’s not hiding in Zoom, Skype or Google Meet at all — it’s in the Mac’s menu bar.”

Founder’s Corner: The struggle is real — and it’s worth it

I've been a founder for 15 years and an investor for 10. There’s some overlap between the two roles. But there’s one major difference I overlooked early in my investing journey. Here’s what I mean (with a real-life example): Being a founder comes with uncertainty. I knew that. But at least I was in control of the daily progress. I didn't realize that being an investor comes with just as much uncertainty. But none of the control. Here's how I think about investing in companies: I care more about the founder than the product. Here's why…

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