Boeing: “Everything's fine!” (In reality, everything is not fine)

Plus, summer oysters and their swollen gonads.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Boeing says leak on its spacecraft is totally fine, will launch astronauts without fixing it | The Byte

“Boeing's Starliner space capsule has been marred by endless setbacks. Just ask poor NASA, which has been waiting on the spacecraft to be ready to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station since 2014. The latest blow was a small helium leak discovered earlier this month, which delayed — yet again — the long-awaited launch of its first crewed mission. But that issue is apparently no big deal. At a news conference on Friday, Boeing and NASA said they were going to proceed with the launch without fixing the leak, in a decision that is bound to raise eyebrows as the company is already mired in controversy over the safety of its aircraft.”

Vuori - Wish you could touch the clouds? You can’t. But you can wear them | [Partner]

Kinda. At least with Vuori’s DreamKnit™ line of performance gear, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy, breathable cloud. Made from 89% recycled fabric, DreamKnit™ clothes aren’t just insanely soft; they’re sweat-wicking, flexible, and perfect for year-round wear. That makes them some of the most versatile and eco-friendly clothes you’ll ever own. So go ahead, keep your head in the clouds, and dress your body in them too. [Ad]

Airplane turbulence is getting worse. Scientists explain why. | Mashable

“As a violent mid-air May 2024 event showed, a Singapore Airlines flight from London hit harsh, unexpected turbulence, injuring 83 passengers and resulting in one fatality. Although this event was particularly severe — and such turbulence fatalities are rare — turbulence overall is happening more. And atmospheric scientists say the culprit is our warming atmosphere. ‘We now have strong evidence that turbulence is increasing because of climate change,’ Paul Williams, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Reading in the UK, said over email. ‘We recently discovered that severe clear-air turbulence in the North Atlantic has increased by 55% since 1979.’”

In the blink of an eye, robot sets new Rubik’s Cube Guinness World Record | Popular Science

“If you want to become the fastest human to ever solve a Rubik’s cube, you need to beat the 3.13 second Guinness World Record set by Max Park in June 2023. Unfortunately, you’ll need superhuman speed to outsolve the newly crowned fastest Rubik’s cube-solving robot. Earlier this month, a bot designed by Mitsubishi Electric engineers solved the iconic 3×3 block puzzle in the literal blink of an eye. At 0.305 seconds, the TOKUI Fast Accurate Synchronized Motion Testing Robot (TOKUFASTbot) was so blisteringly quick that even the cube itself had difficulty keeping up with the machine.”

Tykr - You don’t need to be a stock market guru to finance an early retirement | [Partner]

Working hard for your money is cool. But investing it in the right places and watching it grow all on its own is decidedly much, much cooler. And the good news is that you don’t even need to know much about stocks to get started. This beginner-level course will give you the rundown on all things investing, and you’ll even get a lifetime subscription to Tykr — finance education and stock-screener all-in-one — added to the bundle for free. Just make sure to use code STOCK2 to drop that price down to just $150 (unless you’re in the camp of paying full-price for things; then go for it. We won’t stop you.). [Ad]

So long triploids, hello creamy oysters | Hakai

“There’s an old adage about oysters: in months without the letter r — May, June, July, and August — it’s best to stay away. … Summer oysters — that is, oysters in their mating season — naturally get flabby, and their gonads swell with gametes. ‘It’s sperm and eggs,’ says Gary Fleener, the senior scientist at Hog Island Oyster Company in Marshall, California. ‘It coats your mouth like heavy cream does.’ It is, shall we say, an eating experience not everyone finds appetizing.”

Do I really need an air purifier? | StackSocial

Right off the bat, we're just going to say that "need" is a strong word. Do you need water? Yes. Do you need an air purifier? Not exactly, but you certainly do need air — so shouldn't the air you breathe into your lungs be some of the best-quality air around? We think yes, and we'll explain why.

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