Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ event is here — get pumped

Plus, meet your new therapist: AI.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Why every Apple fan should get excited about ‘Let Loose’ event | Cult of Mac

“Gorgeous new iPad Pro and iPad Air models are expected to be the highlights of Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ product event today, May 7. Tablet accessories are on the agenda, too. But there also could be big news for those who don’t use an iPad. Apple might surprise us with the M4 processor, a first glimpse at upcoming AI features, and maybe even a Mac Studio upgrade. … While Apple’s invitation to the event doesn’t use the word ‘iPad,’ details of new tablets have been leaking out for months. And there’s an Apple Pencil front and center on the invite, and that accessory only works with iPad (at least for now). So it’s not hard to guess what’s going to be announced first. But there might be much more.”

Eli Electric Vehicles - Your current car is killing the planet [Partner]

Sorry, there’s no easier way to say it than that. The truth is that there just aren’t that many perks to most American cars these days. They’re oversized. They’re expensive to own and maintain. And they’re awful for the environment. Eli Electric Vehicles is creating a new breed of micro-EVs that are everything but that. They’re compact, cost-effective, and eco-friendly vehicles that are changing the landscape of urban mobility for good. And with Eli Energy — their new solar-powered charging solutions launched in 2023 — they’re always innovating on new ways to keep the planet happy and keep you moving. Stake your claim in the greener driving game for just $9.80 per share and discover the exclusive investor perks! [Ad]

Firefox power user keeps 7,400+ browser tabs open for two years | PCMag

“A software engineer has been keeping nearly 7,500 Firefox tabs open on her Mac computer for over two years — and doesn't plan on closing them anytime soon. Firefox power user Hazel posted a screenshot showing 7,470 tabs open earlier last week after finding the browser initially unable to restore all the tabs. Hazel was able to bring the tabs back to life via a Firefox profile cache, however, and tells PCMag that reloading the full session took ‘no more than a minute.’ … Surprisingly, all those tabs haven't impacted the computer's performance. ‘Firefox is quite memory efficient and isn't actually loading the websites unless I click on the tab — so it's not very resource intensive,’ Hazel says.”

AI therapy: how chatbots are transforming mental healthcare | Built In

“With a global shortage of therapists and a surge in people who need their help, these AI-powered bots are meant to fill the gap, offering cheap — or free — mental health assistance. And lots of people are using them, with apps like Woebot and Youper garnering more than a million downloads apiece. AI chat therapists have been rolled out everywhere, from a maternity hospital in Kenya to refugee camps in Syria. In the United States, some apps have even been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are being clinically tested. While therapy chatbots may be an accessible tool for managing mental health, concerns remain about how effective — and ethical — they are to use when it comes to addressing the complex emotional needs of humans.”

PoooliPrint - Printing photos is cool (and artsy) again | [Partner]

Sure, everything in the world is digitized now, but having actual, tangible photographs has not yet lost its luster. Far from it, printed pics are actually back in style. Yep — we went from polaroids to disposable cameras to camera phones… and now we’ve circled right back to printing our photos again. Why? Because it’s nostalgic, it’s great for crafting or framing, and now, it’s easy. Print out photos, receipts, notes, and more with Poooliprint’s pocket-sized (and, thankfully, inkless) printer, now on sale for just $40. [Ad]

Belugas may communicate by warping a blob of forehead fat | Science News

“The beluga whale wears its heart on its sleeve — or rather, its forehead. … Using muscles and connective tissue, belugas can extend the melon forward until it juts over their lips like the bill of a cap; mush it down until it’s flattened against their skull; lift it vertically to create an impressive fleshy top hat; and shake it with such force that it jiggles like Jell-O. ‘If that doesn’t scream “pay attention to me,” I don’t know what does,’ says animal behaviorist Justin Richard of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. ‘It’s like watching a peacock spread their feathers.’”

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