Craving a Guinness? You can now teleport to Dublin (kinda)

Plus, NASA is really mathing and scienceing.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Anthropic releases Claude Team enterprise AI plan and iOS app | TechRepublic

“Anthropic unveiled Claude Team, its enterprise plan for the Claude AI, on May 1. Claude Team comes at an interesting time as companies jostle to find money-generating uses for generative AI. With Claude Team, Anthropic packages up generative AI that could be used for iterating on projects, analyzing documents or exploring possible productivity boosts, plus administrative tools suitable for business. … ‘The Claude Team plan and iOS app are part of a broader paradigm shift in how businesses use and collaborate with AI,’ said Scott White, Anthropic product lead, in an email to TechRepublic. ‘With increased usage, admin controls, and access to the advanced Claude 3 model family, companies can now provide every employee with Claude’s capabilities.’”

Amazon Music -Your current music streaming service isn’t cutting it anymore [Partner]

You probably signed up for *insert streaming service name here* because it was free or cheap. And that’s great… except, well, it’s not, is it? You’re getting ads in the middle of that playlist you worked so hard on, and the quality just isn’t quite there. If you want to sample playback on a legit streaming service, you’re in luck because Amazon Music Unlimited is now free for 30 days. Beyond the obvious perk of ad-free listening, you’ll also get to hear your faves in fully immersive, three-dimensional audio. Whether you’re jamming out to TSwizzle’s new album or still rockin’ with the oldies, everything sounds better in 3D. Try it out today and cancel anytime. [Ad]

The Portal is an art installation connecting New Yorkers and Dubliners through sculpture | The Architect’s Newspaper

“It seems to be out of a movie to have a window looking out into distant locations to greet foreign social circles and cultures. The Portal, a public technology sculpture arrived in New York City and Dublin today and is set to make this cinematic fantasy into a reality. Serving as a visual bridge, the installation will transmit a real-time unfiltered live stream of both cities, transcending physical barriers and putting New Yorkers and Dubliners just a portal away. The Portal is an invitation to experience the world above prejudices and difference ‘as it really is — united and one.’ Conceived by Lithuanian artist and entrepreneur Benediktas Gylys, The Portal is a partnership between cities, governments, and private organizations to link cities with these technological sculptures.”

An old abstract field of math is unlocking the deep complexity of spacecraft orbits | Wired

“In October, a Falcon Heavy rocket is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, carrying NASA’s Europa Clipper mission. The $5 billion mission is designed to find out if Europa, Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon, can support life. … To plan convoluted tours like this one, trajectory planners use computer models that meticulously calculate the trajectory one step at a time. The planning takes hundreds of mission requirements into account, and it’s bolstered by decades of mathematical research into orbits and how to join them into complicated tours. Mathematicians are now developing tools which they hope can be used to create a more systematic understanding of how orbits relate to one another.”

DNA My Dog - Think your allergies are bad? Imagine how your dog feels | [Partner]

It’s allergy season, which means you’re probably thinking of ways to cut back on the itchy eyes and sniffles. And while your pup isn’t saying anything about it, there’s a good chance they’re also experiencing some discomfort due to allergies. Yep, even Fido gets allergies. But you won't know what’s bothering them until you test them. And no, not at a pricey vet consultation. We mean at home with a simple, pain-free kit that examines over 100 allergens. DNA My Dog is just under $100 now and can get you answers about your pup in just a few weeks. [Ad]

7 extremely weird inventions from the grandfather of science fiction | Gizmodo

“Hugo Gernsback was a pioneer in the world of science fiction during the first half of the 20th century — so much so that the Hugo Awards are named after him. But Gernback also edited serious tech magazines and came up with ideas that were often way ahead of their time. Or, in the case of the office ‘isolator’ pictured above, simply too weird for any time.”

Founder’s Corner: The struggle is real — and it’s worth it

This take might get me in trouble, but far too many people want all the benefits without going through any of the struggles. This isn't the way. The truth? You need the struggle. Here’s what I’ve learned in my experience: 1) Founders make enormous upfront (and ongoing) sacrifices, 2) founder responsibilities evolve from task-based work to larger vision-based work, and 3) founders bear all the risk. These are the struggles of all founders. But it's what we sign up for. And in my experience, it’s worth it — because when there’s no struggle, there’s no progress. We learn from the difficulty. When things get hard, that’s when the best find a way to get better. Everyone needs to go through this process for themselves. And everyone needs to be aware of the risk:reward ratio they're signing up for in their work. Being a founder has a different risk profile than being an employee, and that's okay. There is a necessary process of struggling and learning to earn extra freedom over time. What do you think?

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