Saudi Arabia builds futuristic city, immediately regrets it

Plus, we tried the portal to Dublin. It doesn't teleport, but it's still pretty cool.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Genes known to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s may actually be an inherited form of the disorder, researchers say | CNN

“Alzheimer’s disease may be inherited more often than previously known, according to a new study that paints a clearer picture of a gene long known to be linked to the common form of dementia. The authors of the study, published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine, say that this might even be considered a distinct, inherited form of the disease and that different approaches to testing and treatment may be needed. Among people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, researchers recognize familial forms of the disease and sporadic cases. Most cases are thought to be sporadic, which develop later in life. Familial forms, caused by mutations in any of three genes, tend to strike earlier and are known to be rare, accounting for about 2% of all Alzheimer’s diagnoses, or about 1 in 50 cases. Under the new paradigm, 1 in 6 cases of Alzheimer’s would be considered to be inherited, or familial.”

Dashlane - SOS — you need an SSO ASAP [Partner]

These days, everyone’s using two-factor authentication (2FA, if you’re savvy). And while it’s great for protecting all your accounts, it’s a huge pain when all of them require different authentication methods. Rather than clogging up your texts with random codes or downloading five different authentication apps, you could just get Dashlane and keep all your passwords and data protected in one place. Log into Dashlane with single sign-on (aka, SSO) and access multiple apps and platforms — from Google to Microsoft and more. Plus, all your info stays secure with top-of-the-line encryption, so you don’t have to remember it all. Try it out today for free. [Ad]

Plans for a futuristic city go awry in Saudi Arabia | Morning Brew

“In the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia right now, someone is probably thinking, ‘Maybe a 105-mile-long skyscraper wasn’t the best idea.’ They might be right. Neom, Saudi Arabia’s planned futuristic mega-development, is hitting some bumps on its road to completion. Engineers, architects, and executives face mounting costs and impossible tasks trying to build two skyscrapers, each the length of Delaware and the height of the Empire State Building. What’s going wrong besides ‘The Line’ looking like it was designed by a bad guy in The Incredibles? Original plans expected 1.5 million residents to move into the first phase of the project by 2030, but according to Neom execs, it’s more likely to be ~200,000. There are also cost overruns … and construction delays due to a need for more infrastructure for the 100,000 workers on the site.”

Control D - How to save you and your fam from the Internet’s weirdness [Partner]

The Internet is a pretty sketchy place. When it comes to your fam’s safety — and sanity — having a cybersecurity panel can protect everyone (not just the kids!) from inappropriate, spammy, and just downright annoying content. Control D lets you set up unique browsing profiles so you can, you know, control everyone’s internet presence. That means no adult content for the kiddos and no ads or trackers for everyone. Surf the web the way it was initially intended — safely and securely — on up to ten devices for just $40. [Ad]

Astronomers still haven’t decided if Planet 9 is real | Popular Science

“Almost a decade after astronomers proposed the existence of Planet 9, an unseen extra planet in the distant reaches of the solar system, they still haven’t all agreed whether it’s real or not. Now, new research from Caltech astronomers just uncovered an extra line of evidence in favor of the hidden planet. … ‘There is an open question of why particular objects in the solar system act the way they do, and we can’t quite explain it, but if you add Planet Nine into the model it all makes sense,’ says Juliette Becker, an astronomer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.”

Eli Electric Vehicles - The next big thing for cars is actually pretty small [Partner]

Over the next thirty years, about 70% of the world population is expected to migrate out of the ‘burbs and into the big cities. That means your already loud and crowded city is about to get busier, and those coveted parking spots are going to be even harder to find. Eli Electric Vehicles is the “next big thing” in urban mobility according to the big-shots over at McKinsey (so you know this is pretty legit), disrupting the transportation industry with a ~$500 billion market opportunity: micro-EVs. A compact and convenient way to commute around cities, these tiny cars might just change mobility in urban settings for good. Want to be part of that change? Shares start at $9.80 with a $793.80 minimum investment. Check out their exclusive investor perks. [Ad]

Have you seen a Dark Watcher? | Atlas Obscura

“As golden hour settles in around a hiker in the Santa Lucia Mountains of the Central California Coast, … their gaze settles on an eerie figure surrounded by swirling mist on a peak ahead. It looks like a very tall human with a walking stick and hat, just watching. Mustering the courage, the hiker steps toward the figure. As they do, the mysterious being quickly vanishes into the surrounding fog, leaving the hiker with a sense of dread. They have just encountered a notorious ‘Dark Watcher.’ … Some attribute the phenomenon to pareidolia: our natural inclination to see patterns where none exist, one way we try to make sense of the world. Often, this leads to personifying nature and seeing human figures or faces that aren’t really there. Others point to the weather.”

The Fascination - Save the date: Mother's Day is around the corner and I found the perfect healthy chocolate that moms will love [Partner]

Growing up, I always used to roll my eyes when my mom wanted me to opt for the ‘healthy’ version of my favorite treats. Now that I'm older and have free reign over my groceries, I'm still buying those same healthy versions because they make me feel better. When I was looking for a Mother's Day present for my mom, I came across B.T.R. Nation and their new Superfood Nut Butter Cups. My mom and I had the same favorite candy growing up and I knew she would love the decadent flavors made with no added sugars. [Ad]

Our team at The Futurist visited The Portal — featured in yesterday’s newsletter — from the NYC side.

Our team at The Futurist visited The Portal — featured in yesterday’s newsletter — from the NYC side. Have a pic from across the pond? Send it in for a featured post in an upcoming newsletter!