Multitasking while reading this? You shouldn’t be.

Plus, your guide to becoming a digital nomad.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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A new particle has been discovered – it could be the elusive glueball | IFLScience

“Physicists might have found a glueball. This is not something you get by rubbing vinyl glue between your fingers. It is a curious interaction between the carriers of the strong nuclear force, called gluons — hence the name ‘glueball’. Gluons carry the nuclear force between quarks, a force that is a lot weirder than the others. It doesn’t have only an attractive side like gravity or a positive and negative like electromagnetism. It is an interaction of three different charges that physicists in the 1960s called color. It is not really a color, but you will soon get the idea as to why it is called that.”

Firstleaf - Stop whining and start wine-ing [Partner]

You’ve just worked your butt off, and all you want to do is come home to a nice glass of wine. But alas, you have none. And even worse, the local shop has too many options and you don’t know which one to pick. You want to try something new, but you also don’t want to spend an hour reading labels. Firstleaf is the remedy to all of that. It’s a membership that chooses wines for you based on your preferences and ships them right to your door. Their algorithm is 96% accurate, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to get a bottle you love. And if you don’t, you’ll get store credit back for any bottles you didn’t vibe with. Join today and get your first box of six world-class wines for only $44.95 with free shipping. Future you will be glad you did. [Ad]

The only two times you can effectively multitask | Lifehacker

“Typically speaking, multitasking makes you worse at everything. There’s plenty of scientific research to back this up and you probably have your own anecdotal evidence to support it. … When you multitask, you’re interrupting yourself and your progress on every single task you’re doing. It’s considered by researchers to be ‘interruption behavior that decreases efficiency and wastes time.’ … That said, lives are busy. Some things just don’t go according to plan and there’s nothing you can do about it. You may find that you need to double up on activities just to get it all done. If possible, only multitask in one of these two situations.”

Epilog - Your car’s brain upgrade is here [Partner]

So, you think your car is pretty cool? Let’s be honest, it could be smarter. That’s where Epilog’s SideCar comes in — turning your average vehicle into a genius on wheels with AI-driven vision that rivals the human eye. That’s right: we’re talking about automated driving. It’s not just for futuristic sci-fi movies anymore; it’s something you’ll actually start seeing on the roads pretty soon. Wanna help make that a reality? Invest $299 today and join Epilog in the self-driving revolution. [Ad]

Unleash superhuman swimming speed with Seabike’s pedal power | Interesting Engineering

“Are you tired of going to the pool just to cool off this summer? French company Seabike has a nifty device that lets you swim at superhuman speeds with the least effort. … At a time when everybody is going gaga over battery-powered drones that can course on water, a mechanical device seems like a misfit. Yet, one can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of this device and wonder why someone hasn’t built something like this before.”

Jott - Finally, a text and speech AI that works and isn’t super creepy | [Partner]

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text are cool ideas… when they work. More often than not, they don’t. Or they do work and the AI voices you get reading back to you are just straight up creepy. Avoid all that nonsense with Jott Pro AI, a text and speech toolkit that turns your written words to spoken words and vice versa. What does that look like IRL? Transcribed meeting notes, turning e-readings into listening experiences, and even translations of foreign language texts. Make it your handy little sidekick for all things reading, writing, talking, and listening (... so, basically everything). [Ad]

Excretings! Elephants say hello in a way you'll never forget | New Atlas

“There are so many ways to say hello. People wave, bow, shake hands, hug, kiss, fist bump, say ‘hi’ or any combo of these. But there’s one greeting from nature that we sure hope doesn’t catch on, as a new study finds that elephants often greet chums with a dump. … Elephants aren’t exactly subtle when relieving themselves, so it seems like pooping hello is the kind of behavior we should already know about, right? But it turns out that elephant greetings haven’t really been studied in detail before, and it’s hard to tell if these were deliberate grogans or simply the kinds of borries any of us might drop in the excitement of seeing an old friend.”

How digital nomads work from anywhere | StackSocial

In 2020, working from home rapidly transformed from a tech industry fad into a global preference. While many have reluctantly shuffled back to the office, a brave few swapped their cubicles for cabanas, blending work with wanderlust. Curious about how these digital nomads manage to type away in a hammock? From kickstarting the career and travel components to securing the gear needed to sustain a job on the road, we'll break down how these roaming professionals make it happen.

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