As if volcanoes weren’t already cool enough…

Plus, here's where geeks vacay.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Volcanic ash 'could store unused green power' | Recharge News

“Millions of tons of ash spewed out by volcanoes could be used to store surplus energy generated by renewables, claim researchers. The team from the University of Barcelona was investigating the potential of volcanic ash to store excess energy generated by concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plants. The researchers, who published their findings in the Journal of Energy Storage, said that concrete and other solid particles are now considered a more affordable option than molten salts to help ‘enhance the competitiveness’ of CSP plants.”

Epilog - Autopilot isn’t just for planes anymore [Partner]

You automate your home, your bills, even your coffee machine. So, why stop there? With Epilog’s SideCar, you can even upgrade to self-driving. This revolutionary tech transforms standard cars into self-driving sidekicks, ready to take the wheel while letting commuters everywhere reclaim their time. If you weren't already on board with the whole automation thing (and seriously, why make life harder than it already is?), now’s the perfect moment to dive into the future of smart tech and driving. Invest today for just $3.03 per share. [Ad]

Inside Orangetheory’s tech-forward approach to group fitness | Athletech

“The inception of Orangetheory’s tech-centric strategy began with a simple yet powerful concept: utilizing the rate of perceived exertion to monitor how people felt during their workouts. This evolved into an impactful experience, allowing members to see which heart rate zone they were in at various points and adjust their exercises in real time to stay within optimal zones. … This evolution was not just about adding technology into the mix, but about transforming how members interacted with their workouts, providing them with instant feedback on their effort levels.”

Hims vs BlueChew: Which is better for ED? | The Fascination

“If you’ve dealt with ED, you’ve probably dealt with long waits at doctor’s offices and expensive prescriptions. Thankfully, treatment options have evolved and are more flexible than ever. Hims, a front-runner in the sexual wellness space, offers access to licensed medical providers to help you find the best course of treatment from the comfort of your own couch. Doesn’t everyone want to spend less time in a waiting room and more time in the bedroom? We decided to do our research on how a streamlined telehealth provider like Hims holds up to another service, BlueChew.”

Firstleaf - It’s time to shake up your drink order… with world-class wines | [Partner]

Life is too short to drink the same stuff all the time. Sure, you’ve got your favorite go-to vino, but doesn’t that get old after a while? You’re probably well overdue to try something new. And with Firstleaf, it’s not as scary as you might think (we’re talking to you, creatures of habit). First, you’ll take a short quiz (don’t panic — it’s fun!), and then Firstleaf will curate a selection of wines — with 96% accuracy, may we add — based on your answers. Then, you’ll get it delivered to your door for $44.95 with free shipping. Sound like a plan? We thought so. Join today to get that newcomer discount and get ready to try some new sips. [Ad]

Friendships, problem-solving: How video games are helping U.S. teens | Axios

“Teenage gamers say video games help them build problem-solving skills, make friends, and collaborate — but they also admit to problems like bad sleep habits and cyberbullying, a new Pew Research Center survey finds. … 56% of teens say video games have boosted their problem-solving skills, 47% say they've helped them build friendships, 41% say they've made it easier to work with others, and 32% say they're good for their mental health.”

The 2024 Comedy Pet Photo awards – in pictures | The Guardian

“From a dog with kung-fu moves to a headless horse, the Comedy Pet Photo awards choose the finalists. Winners announced on June 6.”

Let your nerd flag fly: 5 vacay destination for geeks | StackSocial

If you’re reading The Futurist, there’s a good chance you’ve got at least a little bit of nerd in you. Which means you’ll probably dig most of these geek-centric vacay destinations. From SDCC (San Diego Comic Con, for the uninformed) to adult space camp, there are lots of cool places out there made by dorks, for dorks.

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