We can see inside your mind (okay, your brain)

Plus, are The Rings Of Power and House Of The Dragon beefing?
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Billionaire Frank McCourt assembles ‘people's bid’ to buy TikTok | Axios

“Frank McCourt, the former LA Dodgers owner, announced Wednesday morning that he's putting together a ‘people's bid’ to buy TikTok from China's ByteDance. McCourt is a vocal critic of tech and social media, having stepped down as CEO of his eponymous investment firm to launch an effort that would give users more control and ownership of their personal data. … However, McCourt doesn't have enough cash to buy TikTok on his own, so he's retained Guggenheim Securities to effectively crowdfund via both institutions and individuals. … TikTok has several willing buyers. It just doesn't yet have a willing seller.”

Dashlane - SOS — your biz needs SSO ASAP [Partner]

What’s SSO? It stands for single sign-on, and it makes logging in and starting your workday a little less 😒 and a little more 😌. Dashlane is a comprehensive password manager with Confidential SSO that integrates with major identity providers like GSuite, Microsoft, Azure, Duo, and more and collects and protects all your credentials and passwords in one place. So, instead of logging into everything separately, you can just log in to Dashlane — protected with enterprise-grade security and zero-knowledge architecture — and start accessing all your company apps, websites, and platforms. Fewer steps + less distraction = more productivity. Check out more ways Dashlane makes logging in at work easier. [Ad]

See the most detailed map of human brain matter ever created | Popular Science

“A team of neuroscientists and engineers, aided by machine learning tools, have charted a cubic millimeter volume of the human brain at nanoscale resolution, tracing every neuron, synapse, blood vessel, and supporting cell within the fragment and reconstructing a 3D model of the tissue. Though it represents just one millionth of the total brain volume, it is the most detailed map of a piece of human brain matter ever created. It could spur a wave of scientific discovery about neurological disorders, brain structure, and the origins of our behavior.”

Eli Electric Vehicles - Tiny cars for the win [Partner]

If you’ve ever been abroad, you know there’s something that sets the U.S. driving experience apart from the rest — and it’s not the whole opposite-side-of-the-road thing. It’s the size — and cost — of our cars. Could the rest of the world be onto something? Eli Electric Vehicles thinks so. They’ve created micro-EVs for daily trips that are easier to maintain, more energy efficient, and more affordable than most standard American cars and trucks. Over the past two years, they’ve seen success worldwide in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and even French Polynesia with hundreds of vehicles already sold. This year, they’re bringing the EVs home to the States, and they need your investment to accelerate their expansion. Join today with shares starting at $9.80 and discover their exclusive bonus rewards. [Ad]

City trees save lives | Wired

“On a small scale, the shade under a single tree is an invaluable refuge on a blisteringly hot day. Scaling that effect up, neighborhoods with more tree cover are measurably cooler. Now research is showing just what an impact this can have on people’s health. … Researchers … modeled scenarios in which modifying the urban environment — with more reflective surfaces and more trees — could lower temperatures and avoid those heat-related ER visits. With 25% more tree cover, visits might decline by 7–45%. Bumping that up to 50% more tree cover, the heat-related ER visits decline by 19–58%. And then if LA were to max out its allowable tree cover — 40% of its total area — those visits would drop by 24–66%.”

Supermusic AI - The best new singer-songwriter of 2024 is… [Partner]

AI is getting good… almost too good. Like, write-its-own-songs-that-don’t-suck kinda good. Who knows? The song of the summer five years from now could very well be a hit devised by the likes of bots with great programming and exquisite taste. Bots like Supermusic AI, we mean. This impressive AI takes your lyrics and adds instrumentals and vocals, creating a complete song that could hold its own on the Billboard Hot 100. Don’t believe it? Just click below and scroll to listen to some soundbites — and let us know whether you can tell if it’s AI… or not. [Ad]

HBO stabs a dagger into Amazon’s The Rings Of Power with surprise House Of The Dragon season 2 trailer | Forbes

“I have two famous quotations for you before we begin. The first: ‘All’s fair in love and war.’ The second: ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.’ I mention these because two rival big-budget fantasy shows both dropped trailers for their respective second seasons this week. Amazon actually announced that their new trailer would release Tuesday, and then released it that morning. I can’t help but think HBO cleverly reacted to Tuesday’s news and strategized their own trailer’s release to fall so closely on the heels of Rings of Power.”

Founder’s Corner: The struggle is real — and it’s worth it

The #1 mindset mistake I see early entrepreneurs make: Thinking too short-term. Short-term thinking creates anxiety, fear, and doubt. Long-term thinking creates patience, confidence, and peace of mind. But there's an even bigger reason that long-term thinking trumps short-term. Long-time horizons give you the freedom to mess up and make mistakes. Success in life (and business) is about focusing on where you want to go, not the current struggle. And more early entrepreneurs would benefit from planning to play for a long, long time. Think in decades, not years.

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